May / June 2007 - Texas to California and back, and everything in between
Updated: 2007 June 15 

2007 May 18. Midland TX city limits. Umm, I don't have to stay here very long, do I...?

2007 May 19. Pecos TX, West of the Pecos Museum. 35 mm movie projectors from 100 years ago. Remarkably well-preserved by the dry weather.

Entire projector.

Close-up of mechanism.

2007 May 19. Guadalupe Mountains National Park, TX. Near park entrance and stagecoach station ruins.

2007 May 20. Roswell NM. A wire recorder at the UFO Museum.

2007 May 20. Socorro NM. The VLA (Very Large Array).

Inside the visitor center. A cut-away view of a feedhorn and cooled LNB from an 8.1 to 8.8 GHz receiver assembly. That white cover at the top is Teflon.

Close-up of the LNB (sans cooler).

These guys were visiting the VLA at the same time I was. They were headed from Tennessee to LA to a Star Wars 30th anniversary convention. See their blog and photos.

2007 May 21. Grants NM. Faded remnants along Route 66.

2007 May 31. Flagstaff AZ by day on the way back east.

2007 May 31. Holbrook AZ. Fading luster on old Route 66.

The Wigwam Motel, on old Route 66.

Another view of the Wigwam.

Bygone days in Holbrook.

2007 June 2. New highway scenery just east of Sterling City TX.

2007 June 2. Typical of the wildflowers between Brady and Llano TX. The bugs on the windshield are typical, too.